Use our easy to follow how to technical guides to keep your Volkswagen on the road and running perfectly. From how to check your brakes to tuning your engine, we’ve got it covered.

Insulate your Campervan

Is your VW deafening on the motorway? Do you feel like a pea in a very large whistle? Follow the steps below and driving your Bus could be an altogether…

Spark Plugs

Now this might seem like a ludicrously simple job, but here we’re looking at more than just unscrewing the old spark plugs and screwing in new ones, for the condition…

king and link pin service

This month we take a look at servicing the king and link pins on a Split Screen Bus. Whilst we are obviously dealing with a Type 2 here, the information…

Track rod end replacement on a Beetle

Steering feeling vague, or are you experiencing an odd clunking noise? It could be a track rod end has expired

Front drum brake overhaul on an air-cooled VW

Standard VW drum brakes are perfectly up to the task of stopping any stock Bus, they just have to be in tip-top condition. Here’s how to ensure yours are with…

VW Beetle colour charts

All old VW literature is collectable, but these period VW Beetle colour charts are just picture perfect

VW Split Screen flipped spindles

You’ve heard the term, but perhaps you’re not sure what it really means. Here we show you what’s involved in turning stock spindles into flipped spindles

air-cooled vw engine

To the uninitiated, the air-cooled VW engine bay can be an alien environment, but it is really very simple, once you know your way around…

air-cooled vw engine oil system

Think a dog house is a kennel and a strainer is something you make tea with? Read on and learn all about the air-cooled VW engine oil system