You can see immediately where the influence comes from, but the Outlaw 001 wheels from Magnus Walker and Fifteen52 in LA is equally as radical in its design.

Product Overview


  • Great looking
  • Variety of sizes and offsets
  • Will suit both air-cooled and water-cooled VWs


  • Very expensive
  • No UK supplier as of yet


Outlaw 001 wheels



Price as reviewed:

£413 (one wheel)

Custom built from forged 6061 billet aluminium centres and forged 6061 spun barrels, the two-piece Outlaw 001 alloy wheel is as light as it is strong.  Currently available in 15-18-inch diameters, and a huge variety of widths and offsets, it’s a wheel that will find favour among many facets of the VW / Porsche world.  The Outlaw 001 alloy wheel is 100% hub-centric and designed to be used with OE Porsche wheel studs and bolts. And, unlike so many replica designs currently on the market, the Outlaw 001 design also adds functional and aesthetic enhancements. More openings to the face of the wheel allow more avenues for brake heat to escape, and for those that are concerned about such things, those same extra openings serve to help show off upgraded rotors and calipers.The next move will be a three-piece version, with diameters up to 22 inches.

They’re available in raw finish, or standard black, silver and gold powder coat, but the centres can be done in custom colours, too.  Starting at just shy of $700 a corner, they’re definitely not cheap, but then standing out in a crowd never is.  The only question is, who’s going to be the first in the UK to step up?


A great looking wheel that will set your car apart from all the rest. Sadly they will be out of reach for most peoples budget.

Full Specification

TYPE: 2-piece
SIZE: 15-inch to 18-inch
WIDTH: Variety of widths
ET / OFFSET: Variety of widths
COLOURS: Black, Silver, Gold, Raw finish
MATERIAL: Forged 6061 billet aluminium