Product Overview


  • Good alternative to original wheels
  • Cheaper than originals
  • Looks good
  • Great quality


  • Visible seam on the rim


16-inch Porsche 356 wheels


Price as reviewed:

£197 (per wheel - after currency conversion)

Netherlands-based Gentlemen Drivers Parts are offering these new 16 x 3.25-inch steel wheels for early Porsche 356s. They’re sure to go down a storm with the vintage speed crowd and would look great on any number of wide-5 bolt applications.

Finding original 16-inch Porsche 356 wheels nowadays is not what it was a few years ago. Decent, usable rims are upwards of £1500 each. After you buy them you find out that they are bent, and the outer barrels are thinned from heavy corrosion.

These reproduction 16-inch Porsche 356 wheels come painted in a silver paint finish as standard but you can always repaint them to suit your own tastes. The paint itself is OK but Gentlemen Drivers Parts are quick to point out you’d probably want to get them repainted if you are entering your car into concourse competitions. Personally we think they are being a little too hard on themselves.

There is also a visible seam 180 degrees opposite the valve hole, which comes from the manufacturing process. This was present on original wheels as well, but back then the manufacturer spent more time on their products and smoothed it out. It’s no big deal and these wheels are certainly a great alternative to using old, corroded and very expensive original wheels.



A great wheel for owners of original cars, those finishing off a vintage restoration or for someone who is simply looking for a good looking steel wheel. They are much cheaper than original wheels and to be honest look the same. The visible seam on the rim is no big deal and something that can be easily fixed if you are that way inclined. If you plan to colour code your wheel then the seam really isn't a problem.