Product Overview


  • Good price for a wood rim
  • Price includes boss and horn push
  • Classic design


  • You can see up your nose in the horn push


16-inch wood rim steering wheel


Price as reviewed:


New to the market from Aircooled Accessories is this 16-inch wood rim steering wheel, inspired by a vintage Nardi design for the Porsche 356.  The hub is cut from a single piece of aluminium, with slits cut into the spokes, pressed into a 3cm dish so they sit at a comfortable position when used in a VW.  The rivetted-on, lacquered wooden rim has finger cut outs sculpted into the back for extra grip.  Topping it all off is a fully polished horn button. 

The price includes a wheel, boss, horn push and all the hardware you need to fit, all you have to do is specify whether you want one to fit a Beetle / Type 3 / Ghia or a Split / Bay Bus





This steering wheel has a certain retro racing feel to it so will suit a range of looks like Cal look, old speed and most other vintage racing styled cars. That siad, a wood rim can make a nice addition to most classic cars. It's nicely put together and the materials used are top quality. Unlike a lot of after-market steering wheels, this one comes complete with the boss and horn push meaning you will save yourself some money. Some of those "required" bosses and horn pushes can fetch a pretty penny.