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  • Excellent quality
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Vintage Speed four-tip exhaust


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New from Vintage Speed is their take on the classic Abarth four-tip exhaust muffler.  Made from 100% #304 stainless steel (that includes the flanges as well), the Vintage Speed four-tip exhaust is a beautifully made piece of kit and comes complete with built-in bosses for lambda sensors.  It is available with or without pre-heat tubes, fully polished or with just polished tips, and there are three different versions – 25 and 36bhp, 13-1600cc, and late 1200cc.  All come with +/-4mm adjustable flanges to take into account the varying widths of stroker motors, which is a neat touch and makes fitting a lot easier.

The Vintage Speed four-tip exhaust is a lovely piece of kit and excellent quality

Vintage Speed make several different types of exhaust and are right up there as one of the best exhaust manufacturers you can buy from. They offer superior quality, look and sound great and, thanks to the stainless steel construction, are likely to last a very long time indeed.


The Vintage Speed four-tip exhaust is a lovely piece of kit and excellent quality. The price might be out of some peoples budgets but you do pay for what you get and buying one of these means you are less likely to need a replacement muffler due to failure or corrosion. Also consider the fact and original Abarth exhaust will set you back a lot of money so if it's the look you want, the Vintage Speed four-tip offers a faithful representation for less pennies. If you decide to purchase one of the other styles of muffler, you can rest easy knowing a Vintage Speed exhaust makes for a very sensible purchase indeed.