Product Overview


  • Amazing price
  • Nice quality
  • Good looking lamp
  • Comes with mounting hardware


  • None that we could find


Fog lamps for your Volkswagen


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Admit it, you don’t fit fog lamps so you can see in the fog, do you?  But even if you do, these amber-lensed fogs will dress up the front of any VW, while also being able to aid your vision on those foggy autumnal mornings.

With a 110mm diameter, chrome-plated body, these 12V units are the perfect size for use on a Volkswagen Beetle, Campervan or even Type 3 variants. The fog lamps come packaged with all the necessary mounting hardware so all you’ll have to do is find the best place to locate them before wiring them in.



The fog lamps help to make your Volkswagen look better and provide better driving visibility whilst driving in fog. What's not to like?