Product Overview


  • Sturdy design
  • Keeps your kit clean and tidy
  • Kneeling pad protects the knees
  • Great price


  • Could be a touch larger for those with a wide variety of cleaning products


Dodo Juice polish bag and kneeling pad


Price as reviewed:

£40.9 (bag and pad combined)

Dodo Juice is back with two new products for the discerning car care enthusiast – a ‘Boot Cube’ and a soft and supportive, high-density foam kneeling pad for keen detailers.

Dodo Juice’s Boot Cube is a camera bag-style holdall that features adjustable dividers to store all your favourite detailing products neatly, internal and external mesh and zipped pockets and elasticised loops to keep brushes secure.  The pad will just take the pressure off your knees and allow you to polish and buff for even longer in comfort.

The price above is for both the bag and the pad but they are available as separate items. Expect to pay £27.95 for the bag and £12.95 for the kneeling pad.



Perfect for keeping all your car cleaning kit in one place but might be a little short on space for the extreme buffers out there with lots of various cleaning treatments.