Product Overview


  • Excellent quality
  • Subtle design
  • Sturdy construction


  • A little expensive for most people but you pay for what you get - and what you get is excellent quality.


Vintage Speed roofrack


Price as reviewed:


Unlike those old extruded aluminium roof racks your dad had in the ’70s, this Vintage Speed roofrack is laser cut from stainless steel, TiG welded and polished to show car standards. The base of the rack is finished off with varnished pine slats, precisely cut to equal lengths.

The Vintage Speed roofrack is designed to hug the Beetle’s roof line, making it more aerodynamic than other retro racks on the market while complementing the iconic Beetle shape. The roofrack comes with stainless fittings and protective pads to stop it scuffing your gutters when in use.

Weight: 6.5 kg



A really subtle roofrack that should last forever (provided you look after the slats several years down the line). As with all Vintage Speed products, the quality of the roofrack is outstanding and comes with everything you need to fit it to your Beetle. You can also get this style 'rack for the Karmann Ghia, and looks just as nice against that roof line too.