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VolksWorld Magazine July 2015 features:

  • Final Flynn – 1973 1303 Cabriolet Beetle
    Good things come to those who wait. Now in it’s third incarnation, Doug Flynn’s owned his ‘Vert for over 30 years, and he’s finally now got it how he wants it
  • Original, in both senses – 1969 Bay Window
    Some might say this is the thinking man’s Split, others simply pigeonhole it under the heading Early Bay, but we’re going to simply call it, original
  • Above and beyond – 1967 Type 3 Squareback
    It might look ‘normal’, but we assure you there’s absolutely nothing normal about this VolksWorld Best of Show-winning Squareback
  • Scene not herd – 1953 CKD Irish Oval
    In creating ‘Bugly, the Williams brothers have achieved something extraordinary
  • Show report – The VolksWorld Show
    The big one, our show, and the chance to see the world’s best VWs all under one roof
  • Project cars – 1968 Beetle
    Tony’s back, and ‘Freda’ has reached the point of no return
  • How to: Rebuild a VW Type 1 engine (part 2)
    We’re going inside the crankcase this month, then assessing the reusability of the components within
  • Built at home – 1961 Double Cab
  • VW Icons – Volkswagen SP1/SP2
    Everybody loves a Brazilian. Although sadly, the USA during the 1970s didn’t, otherwise this South American VW might have lasted longer than just five years


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VolksWorld Magazine July 2015