It’s been a long, long time coming, as those of you following the build in the mag will I’m sure agree, but it’s been worth the wait as far as I’m concerned and the excitement of finally getting it there has left me on a real high.

Steve Gosling 1961 Ragtop Project

Massive thanks to dad for towing the car all the way to Shropshire and to Geoff for letting us borrow the trailer

So who have I entrusted the job to I hear you ask? Well, the ’61 has a temporary home in the workshops of Creative Coachworks ( in Wem, Shropshire. Owner Alan Sutton and I have been talking about painting the car since January this year and it’s taken me until now to actually get it up to him and the rest of the team. Between them they have years of experience in painting, restoring and modifying all types of VWs and Hot Rods, they’ll do everything from a simple dent repair to a full turn key car, and they own some very cool VWs themselves. After a chat on the phone way back in January it became clear Alan and I were reading off the same page in terms of what needed doing and how it should be done, so it was left to me to finish the bits I wanted to do myself before handing it over to the professionals.

It was an early start for me and my over worked dad Chris (thanks dad!) as Shropshire isn’t just around the corner from us, but thankfully the borrowed trailer and tow car (thanks Geoff!!) towed fantastically and even the grey drizzly day couldn’t put a dampener on my excitement.Alan, Phil, Simon, Fred and Chris greeted us with tea and biscuits, which lets face it is the perfect end to any long journey! After lifting the shell off the trailer and onto a dolly we wheeled it into their oven for a quick bake to get any trapped moisture out of the seams.

We spent half an hour or so going over the car with me pointing out bits and pieces I’ve done and I’m pleased to report the guys seemed fairly happy with my work so far. Which was a relief!

So now it’s over to them, I’ll be doing up dates on here and in the mag as and when work progresses and I intend to get up there and help where I can, time permitting, so please check back to see the transformation from blue and grey ratter to shiny painted show car.

Right, I better get on with the floorpan…

Steve Gosling 1961 Ragtop Project
Creative Coachworks: From left to right, Phil, Allan, Simon and Fred, Chris was on the phone in the office
Steve Gosling 1961 Ragtop Project
Creative Coachworks: Baking in the oven, it’s going to be weird not having the ’61 in my garage but I’m happy it’s in safe hands