I think I’m running out of things to buy for my Beetle! In fact I’m fairly sure of it! I guess thats a good thing as I have no more money left!

The latest package to arrive for me was from our good friends at TMI.
They me a set of door cards to order via an order I placed via BFY Obsolete Parts and got them out to me fairly sharpish.
The colours are spot on for what I wanted and the quality is very, very good!

All I’m waiting on now is my headliner fitting kit. Once that arrives the liner can go on, followed by the glass and new rubbers, the carpet, door cards, seats… very exciting.

The weekend just gone was spent swapping my spindles over (as mentioned in my previous blog post). It was actually very simple to get the king and link pins out and then back in using the new drop spindles.
I used the ‘drift’ method with some suitably sized old sockets which seemed to work well and saved me a trip to a garage with a suitable press.
Now they’re fitted to the car I can finally get the shock absorbers to fit properly and I’m FINALLY happy with the ride height. (I must thank Mark Walker at The Bus Station for getting me in touch with Greg at Vee Dub Parts and for his advice on fitting them).
One small niggle I have though is the fact the spindles push out the track another half-inch either side. Put this fact together with the disc brakes doing the same and the nasty offset of my front wheels, it now looks like I have a two-inch narrowed beam rather than a four. I kind of knew this would happen from the outset but I had gotten used to the tucked in look.
Maybe this is something I can address next year when I don’t have a deadline.