Well I’ve progressed quite well recently and am now at the stage of re-building the chassis (hence all those new parts in the previous blog post).

I hope to get a lot of it fitted this weekend!

The last thing I completed was painting the floorpan.
It took quite a while getting the old underseal off. The main reason for taking it off was to double check there was no hidden rust.
Thankfully there wasn’t!
I then coated the bottom in POR15 rust preventer, stone chip and then a top coat of POR15 chassis paint.
I might go over it again in the POR15 rust preventer though as the chassis paint isn’t as glossy and is quite rubbery. I don’t like it!
But then again I’m not building a show car so I could just move on.
If it were a show car then I would have had the pan blasted and powder coated – both of which are not something I can afford!
Plus this car is going to get driven quite a lot so hopefully the thick stone chip will protect the metal against our UK climate for a long time!