Having learnt the errors of my ways I've finally decided to get drop spindles

Firstly I guess I should apologise for the lack of blog up dates this week. I have been off work! But hey, I’m back now and in full swing!

And what do I come back to? I nice little present sitting on my desk!

A week or so ago I finally gave into the idea of getting drop spindles for my ’61 Beetle. I had originally figured I could get away with not using them but after a good chat with Mark at The Bus Station it turns out when using a narrowed beam a few problems arise with steering and shock clearance. Plus if I had used them initially I wouldn’t have had any problems with the shock absorber – all new to me having never gone down the narrowed route before but easily rectified by using drop spindles.
Not only that it means the ride is likely to be much, much better!

So after having a hunt about for good used ones and trying to find out some cheap deals on new ones, Mark alerted to Vee Dub Parts Unlimited based in the US.

Now I know shipping from the US bumps the price up a bit and then there’s the import duty but when the price for a pair of pre ’65 drum brake spindles is $170 (that’s £85 at the moment) you can still save yourself some money.

I got in touch with Greg at Vee Dub Parts and he got right on the case and shipped them out for me. Exactly a week to the day they were already here! How good is that?

Thanks to Greg for being on the ball and sorting me out.

Vww Dub Parts Unlimited sell a huge range of parts for the air cooled VW so why not check them out and see what they have in stock for you?