He might look as though he's been taking things easy but James's has actually started the ball rolling on his project '66 Bug.



But, rather than do something immediately productive, like getting it through an MoT or even cleaning the thing he’s started squirreling parts away to lower it.
A lowered stance and set of Porsche wheels has always been high on the agenda so it made sense (to him at least) to source some Porsche pattern discs and the appropriate drop spindles at the same time. And, being keen as mustard but short on cash he’s taken full advantage of the kindness of the guys at Machine7. Out of the kindness of their hearts they gave him a storming deal on a set of brakes and spindles and you’ll be able to see them on James’s Bug as soon as his wheels arrive. If you fancy getting your hands on everything you need to upgrade to Porsche pattern brakes and enjoy the comfort and style of drop spindles you can take advantage of the Machine7 package deal yourself. The whole shebang normally costs £475.70 but you can get it all right now for a credit crunch busting £399.50. Go to www.machine7.com or call 02476 356465.