James learns how to hotwire his Ragtop Bug

The other morning we got a phone call from a very cold sounding Mr. Peene.
He was currently sitting in his Ragtop Bug after already defrosting it once only for it to freeze up again minutes later.
His predicament was that he couldn’t get the key into the ignition barrel, thus stopping him from getting it started and making him late for work.

First thoughts were that the lock was frozen but after some defrosting action the reality was a pin in the barrel was preventing the key from going in.
WD40 wasn’t helping much either so the last resort was to hotwire the thing.

Cue the phone call! James knows (most of) his onions when it comes to VWs but when it comes to mechanics and electrics he may as well be looking at an equation explaining the theory of quantum physics. Actually he might make sence of that…

Anyway, we managed to talk him through what wires needed to connect to each other from the back of the ignition barrel (we can’t divulge this information here for obvious reasons) and hey presto. The Bug jumped into life but he couldn’t leave for work just yet as he had to defrost the car again.

So now James is on the hunt for a new ignition switch – one that is correct for his car too, unlike the current late model item.

The offending ingnition switch

James’ bodge wiring was crude but very effective