With all this snow on the ground (yes we still have around 6-inches in places and some of the roads still have snow on – where are the gritters?) we’ve been discussing the best methods to get around in our cars. Some suggested chains or stud tires (both of which we’re not entirely sure are legal now in the UK), some suggested snow treads, others suggested letting a bit of air out the tires (but others have suggested this could make it more dangerous) and naturally there was the 4×4 lot saying get a decent car.

Well after seeing a few tractors hurtling about with no problems we decided to see what other forms of transport would be good in the snow. That’s when we stumbled on the Snow Trac ST-4 Snow Cat.

It’s powered by the VW 1600cc engine, is on tracks and seats 7 people – ideal!

We even found one for sale on eBay (thanks Lawrence).

Here is the spec:

4-Cylinder Volkswagen engine (126-A, 1584cc)
4 Speed Transmission w/reverse.
Variator steering arrangement, controlled by steering wheel.
Curb Weight: 3196 pds.
7 passenger cab.
Frame: Welded steel.
Body: Aluminum.

It also comes with a long list of spares, new parts and a lot of accessories.

For more details check it out on eBay.

You can also find out a great deal of information out about them atsnow-trac.com