If you haven’t already checked out this mental Fridolin, then you’re missing out on something really special!

Here is an interesting one for all you Fridolin lovers. While browsing the net (yep, that’s us researching again!), we found a very cool thread on Volksforum.com.
Granted, it is all in Dutch, but luckily, the pictures tell the story. The long and the short of it is that the owner, known as Rudd, has gutted his Fridolin, built what looks like a custom chassis and whapped a great big Audi W12 engine in the middle! Yes, a W12! Its 6.0-litre capacity produces over 420hp in the A8, which of course has Audi’s legendry Quattro set-up! So God only knows how quick this thing will be with the power delivered solely through the rear wheels.
Visit the link to check out the photos on the thread! It’s total lunacy! We love it!

W12 Fridolin